Dr. Jeon has been in R&D Bioceramics – Antibacterial, FIR, Airpurifying Photocatalyst and water vitalizing Ceramic Ball media -from 1986. Research professor at Woosuk University

  • Accomplished the joint research to “The Single Crystal” in Moscow.
  • Accomplished the joint research “Nano-silver antibacterial bioceramics” with USA.
  • Has consecutively filled a nominated researcher at KICET, a designated institute of Korea Government. (Development of the bioantibacterial ceramics for the first time in Korea)
  • Now, founder of Biocera Co., Ltd. ( and chief of Daesung Ceramic R&D center.
  • New Intelectual Award from Korea Government
  • Expert in Bioceramics (Water & Microbio)
  • Director at The Korean Water Society.
Brief Background of Dr. Jeon
•The properties of TiO2 synthesis & photocatalyst by the solution method
•The growth of rutile by the manufacture of TiO2 powder & verneuil method and etc
Technical research & development report 

Functional purifying, alkaline, antioxidant ceramic catalyst for water

• Development of environmental bio paint & the technology to reduce the VOCs by  using the paint

• Remove the odor of air-conditioner for car by Biocera photo-semiconductive  inorganic deodorizer

• Development of the high functional nano size of ceramics compounds with Al2O3, SiO2,  TiO2, ZnO, ZrO2

• Development of the materials for antibacterial package and etc

Biocera Awards & International Certification

  • Functional Ceramic Compounds
  • Antibacterial  Ceramic Compounds
  • Photo Semi-Conductive Compounding ceramic & Method
  • Functional Calcium Oxidation Material Manufacturing Method
  • FDA Safety Test Data | (Antibacterial Ceramic)
  • Water Purifying Ceramic Ball Manufacturing
  • NSF Safety Test – BIOCERA Balls
  • Filter for generating Alkaline Reduced water and apparatus using the same
  • Korea FDA registration as medical device
  • FDA Safety Test Data (Photocatalyst agent)
  • Frontier Enterprise
  • Registration of trade mark
  • Cert. Trade Mark in Korea
  • New Intellectual Award
  • WQA Membership
  • Certi. Trade Mark in China
  • Certi. Trade Mark in Taiwan
  • Certi. Trade Mark in Malaysia
  • ISO 9001
  • Reg. FDA (Alkaline Water Purifier)